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What will happen if your pump station fails?

Storm Lift Stations


PUMP Lift Stations specializes in storm water systems. The rapidly changing environmental regulations on storm water flow has changed the lift station industry from just sanitary uses. In just 10 years, mandated storm lift stations now represent nearly 50% of all pump lift stations. To prevent flooding, most states are requiring pump lift stations installed on all new construction, connecting drainage and detention/retention ponds. PUMP Lift Stations offers storm maintenance & monitoring to meet compliance.

Pump Lift Station

Sewage Lift Station


PUMP Lift Station’s history began with sanitary lift station services, targeting multifamily apartments, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings, nursing/retirement, schools & universities, stadiums, distribution warehouses and manufacturing plants across Texas. Our broad industry expertise in sewage drainage flow= private & public systems, helps us understand the root causes of pump lift station failures and offer innovative ways to quickly diagnose & repair and problem.

Sewage Lift Station

Pump Replacement


PUMP Lift Stations can quickly diagnose and replace any pump if a site repair is not possible. Time is critical if disruption is occurring Pumps fail due to power loss or a physical debris that jams, clogs or overheats the pump. Sometimes, simply lifting the pump and removing debris is the solution. Wipes or accumulated sludge can permanently damage a pump due to overheating.

Pump Replacement

Control Panel


PUMP Lift Stations offers FREE inspection of any control panel problem since often it is a simple power surge, breaker or resetting issue. In old control panels, we have found bird nests, snake skins, wasp nests/bee hives/or ant colonies that impacted electrical connections. We can take pictures and provide a fair repair or upgrade. Having a working alarm that is monitored by a SCADA system or newer Wifi technology is important.

Control Panel

Protection Plan


PUMP Lift Station offers a preventative maintenance package called PUMPFlow™, providing control, certainty and peace of mind for property owners and businesses. Our affordable pricing is site specific since every lift station has been engineered for each location.

Protection Plan

Monitoring & IOT Technology


PUMP Lift Station offers automation & controls technology solutions. The accelerating changes with IOT and 5G is exciting and eventually AI will influence lift station maintenance & monitoring in new ways. We continue to offer traditional, physical site monitoring, along with partnering with global IOT technology companies who offer modern, mobile solutions.

Monitoring and IOT Technology

Lift Station Assets: Maintenance & Monitoring


With all services, safety is our priority. At Pump Lift Stations our teams are highly-trained in confined space, lock-out/ tag out and fall protection. We take great care with safety processes and simple precautions that help reduce and eliminate risks.


With older properties, PUMP Lift Stations can restore older lift stations. As infrastructure ages, your lift station may be nearing it’s useful life cycle. Sanitary sewage has corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas that degrades lift station concrete, pipe rails, piping, hatchways, and valves. Control panels may have corroded connections, needing upgraded communication or electrical. Older pumps are energy inefficient.

Vacuum Drain Cleaning

PUMP Lift Station offers lift station cleaning using a special combination vacuum/sewer truck, designed to remove grease, trash and litter debris from deep storm or sanitary lift stations. Our method includes high-pressure cleaning and flushing the connecting drain pipes.

Bypass Pumping

Lift Station Emergencies may require an innovative repair solution called bypass pumping; whereby, water or wastewater is transferred so that vital services are uninterrupted during repairs. PUMP Lift Stations is known in Texas for this specialty property service.

Bypass Pumping Unit

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