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Water movement is a mission-critical drainage need for property owners. Lift stations are remote, underground pumping assets designed to help control drainage flow of stormwater and wastewater.

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We Are A Group Of Storm & Sewage Lift Station Experts

At PUMP Lift Stations, we are storm & sewer flow experts, offering reliability & peace of mind with complete maintenance and asset monitoring. Storm & sewage lift stations, also called pump stations, have one purpose- to pump wastewater when gravity flow is not sufficient.

Asset Performance is Our Mission

Lift station components include pumps, a control panel, a hatchway & buried wet well, valves & pipes, rail guides & floats, electrical and alarm system. A failure of a lift station asset can shut down a business or property’s drainage system, quickly overflow, cause health hazards or environmental violations and risk flooding damage.

Intelligent Pump Systems & Work Flow

For commercial property owners & industrial facilities, PUMP Lift Stations brings a new era of intelligence to pump systems and water technology with solutions that optimize building operations. Pump & drainage flow is our business. Our solutions improve work flow, reduce energy consumption and offer real-time monitoring insights.

Sustainability: Water Scarcity, Flood Risks

At PUMP, we embrace the opportunity to do what’s right for our planet to protect our water quality and create a better world for all. Sustainability, climate resiliency and corporate ESG, is core to our business strategy and is embedded in our operations, products, services, and culture.

Smart lift stations are sustainable technologies to help manage water scarcity or flooding risks. As urbanization, climate change, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions become more imminent, pump lift stations have increasingly helped to control heavy rainfall & improve drainage flow, reduce property flood risk and lesson water scarcity as our rainfall is reclaimed and reused.

Pump Lift Station
Pump Lift Station
Sustainability: Water Scarcity, Flood Risks
Lift Station Services

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Storm Lift Station

Heavy rains collect trash and cause flooding. Our storm water management involves an understanding of regulations, flood risks and how lift stations have become integrated in the capture, flow and quality concerns with rainfall.


Sewage Lift Station

Our service began with cleaning sanitary lift stations for commercial properties, mostly serving mechanical contractors and plumbers who do not have the specialty talent, time or equipment. Our emergency sewer service helped business & property owners restore drainage flow due to a pump station failure.


Pump Replacement

Pumps are expensive and need protection. Pump failure is the #1 cause of a lift station system failure, but typically it can be a power failure or a simple blockage. Building trust demands diagnostic honesty, comprehensive system expertise and service speed to restore flow.


Control Panel

Automation is the system’s engineered brains that control how a pump/lift station works. A simple bad connection, power disruption or poor service by a contractor may cause system failure.


Protection Plan

PUMP Lift Station offers our PUMPFlow™ Protection Plan to keep your system flowing and properly maintained all year long to prevent failure and higher cost emergency expenses.



The ability to remotely monitor your pump lift station to optimize preventative maintenance, collect real-time insights and prevent failure is available with our  PUMPFlow™ mobile app.

Energy Savings: Optimize Life Cycle of Lift Station

Lift stations experience unique and intense strain throughout their usage, reducing the average lifespan of pumps to a mere 5-10 years. Routine maintenance can reduce repair costs and add valuable time to a pump’s life. Unmaintained systems risk being overworked and operating slower than intended, increasing operation expense as more time and electricity are required to pump the same volume of water. The only way to ensure your lift station asset is optimized is routine preventative maintenance with monitoring technology.


We respect the privacy of our commercial, industrial and community customers who share their customer experiences:

We quickly discovered honesty with PUMP Lift Stations. Their service team solved our emergency system failure due to a minor control panel issue- we were surprised by a no charge courtesy visit.
National Retail Chain
Our pump station failure required an innovative solution so our sports stadium facility’s mechanical contractor could replace major pumps between games. They referred us to the team at PUMP Lift Stations who quickly devised a by-pass pumping solution that saved us tremendous money and precious time between games.
Minute Maid (Astros)
When our pump lift station failed, the property’s entire drainage system stopped. Pump Lift Stations quickly solved the pump clogging due to wipes. Their expertise in drainage and the vacuum cleaning industry also helped us understand why unusual grease accumulation was occurring and offered great advice.

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